In this guide I will try to explain how to replace the RAM memory, hard drive and the wireless lan card in your MSI 163 c (VR 601) notebook. You’ll also see how to access some other internal parts in this laptop, which could be helpfull in case of failure or just if you want to make an upgrade. I think this guide  might also work for some other MSI models. As you will see below all these components  can be accessed through the bottom of the laptop.

CAUTION: Before you begin any of the following procedures, turn off the laptop , unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. Note that computer parts are very sensitive to static electricity so ground yourself before touching anything inside you computer by using grounding strap or touch a metal faucet  pipe.

Turn the laptop upsite down and remove the screws as it’s shown on the following picture.

msi vr601x underside 2

Note: There is one screw sealed with a warranty sticker placed by the device manufacturer so do not disassemble your laptop if it’s still covered by warranty or you may loose it.

Remove both covers.

msi vr601x underside

1.RAM replacement.

According to the manual this model can take up to 2GB DDR2 PC2-4200 533 memory which can be installed in 2 RAM slots located on the bottom of the laptop. In order to remove the existing memory module simply spread the latches on both sides of the slot until the memory pops up at about 30 degree angle. Then carefully pull the memory module from the slot.

Insert the new memory module in the slot at about 30 degree angle and press it down until the latches are locked. New memory should be detected automatically when you start the laptop. You don’t have to change anything in the laptop settings. However, you can  check out the new configuration in the BIOS.

msi vr601x ram

2. Hard drive replacement.

This laptop comes with 160 GB SATA hard drive (not IDE) which can be easily upgraded. As you can see on the above picture the HDD cover is fixed to the chassis with two screws.  In order to access the drive you have to remove the screws and the plastic cover.

msi vr601x hdd

Then remove the rubber pad (placed between the HDD and thе chassis) that prevents the drive from disconnecting.

To remove the hard drive, simply slide it towards the outside and when it is disconnected from the connector carefully lift it up.

Now you need to transfer the mounting bracket to the new hard drive. It is fixed with 2 screws.

msi vr601x hdd 2

msi vr601x hdd 3

When installing the hard drive make sure that locking pins on the bracket are placed in the corresponding holes on the chassis. If so then just  slide the drive towards the SATA connector. Don’t forget to put back the rubber pad.

msi vr601x hdd 4

msi vr601x hdd 5

3.Wireless card

msi vr601x wlan card

Disconnect the antenna cables from the wireless card.  Then remove the screw securing the wireless card in the top right corner and remove the wireless card from the slot. Insert the new card at approximately 30 degree angle and gently press the card to the chassis, until it gets to a horizontal position.

msi vr601x wlan card 2

Tighten the screws and connect the antenna cables . You may need to install the appropriate drivers for the new wireless card.