Today I will try to explain in details how to disassemble Compaq 610 laptop. I’m going to split this guide into two parts because most likely it will become too long for a single post. The main reason to take apart this laptop is that the cooling module needs cleaning as the heat sink was clogged with dust and also thermal paste should be replaced. Let’s see.

1. Turn the computer upside down and remove the following screws. These are screws that fix the keyboard, switch cover optical drive and hard drive, WLAN and memory covers.

2. Lift the right side of the hard drive cover to detach it from the computer.

3. Loosen the screw that secures the hard drive in the hard drive bay.

4. Slide the hard drive to the left in order to disconnect it from the SATA connector on the system board.

5. Carefully lift up the hard drive and remove it from the hard drive bay.

6. Lift up the WLAN cover and remove it from the computer.

7. Now you have to disconnect the  WLAN antenna cables from their connectors on the WLAN module but before doing so be sure to remember their positions because later you will need to connect them back.

8. Remove the two screws that secure the WLAN module to the system board.

9. Remove the WLAN module by pulling it away from the slot at approximately 45 degree angle.

10. Remove the memory cover, then spread the latches on each side of the memory module in order to release it.

11. The module will pop up at approximately 45 degree angle after which it can be removed from the slot.

12. Using flat-head screwdriver press the optical drive tab in order to release it from the drive bay.

13. Turn the computer over and open the display as far as possible.

14. Starting from the one side carefully release the switch cover from the computer body. It is attached with small plastic clips that are fragile so be careful.

17. Slide the switch cover back until it rests on the display. As you can see at this stage you can not remove the switch cover as there is a ribbon cable connecting the switch board to the system board, which goes under the keyboard. To access the connector to which the cable is attached, you must first remove the keyboard.

18. Lift the rear edge of the keyboard and turn it upside down so that it rests on the palmrest.

19. Unlock both the keyboard and the switch board ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors and disconnect the ribbon cables attached to them.

20. Remove the keyboard and switch cover.

21. Disconnect the speaker cable from the system board.

22. Remove the two screws securing the speaker to the top cover of the computer body and then remove the speaker.

Continues in part 2.