In today’s guide I’m going to show you how to disassemble Toshiba Portege R200/205 series laptop. I think that although these are relatively old laptops, there are many of them still in use and if you own such machine, then maybe this guide may help you in case of repair or a hardware upgrade. As you can see below, this is quite thin laptop, which makes it slightly different from most standard laptops in terms of hardware design. To save space manufacturer has used ribbon cables for connection between hardware components as well as components with smaller dimensions (e.g. hard drive which is 1.8″ and WLAN), but despite the compact size, disassembly procedure is almost the same as with any other laptop. Perhaps the most important thing to remember before you start is to be careful with the ribbon cables and ZIF connectors because they can be easily damaged and in most cases are not repairable.

As usual in the first part of today’s guide we will remove all peripheral components such as hard drive, modem, bluetooth module, PCMCIA module and WLAN module, while in the second part we will pay more attention to the display assembly and of course the system board, but before we start I recommend you to obtain some tools such as flat-bladed screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and tweezers. If you already have them, let’s get started.

1. Remove the three screws marked in the picture below (two of them securing the hard drive and the RAM memory covers and one securing the keyboard to the base enclosure).

2. Remove the hard drive cover and disconnect the hard drive from the ribbon cable.

3. Remove the RAM memory cover and spread the retaining tabs on each side of the memory module slot in order to release the memory module.

4. The edge of the module opposite to the slot will rise away from the system board at approximately 45 degree angle and you can remove it safely.

5. Using a thin flat-head screwdriver remove the keyboard cover starting from the right side.

6. Remove the two screws securing the keyboard to the top cover.

7. Slide the keyboard towards the display so you can access the ribbon cable connector.

8. Unlock the ZIF connector and disconnect the keyboard cable. Remove the keyboard.

9. Remove all screws securing base enclosure to the top cover marked in the picture below.

10. Carefully lift the base enclosure straight up and remove it.

11. Remove the screw that secures the bluetooth module to the top cover and disconnect the bluetooth ribbon cable from the system board.

12. Disconnect the bluetooth antenna cable.

13. Unlock the ZIF connector and disconnect the hard drive ribbon cable. Remove the cable.

14. Remove the four (two on each side) screws securing the PCMCIA module to the top cover.

15. Unlock the ZIF connector and disconnect the PCMCIA ribbon cable. Remove the PCMCIA module.

16. Disconnect the CMOS battery cable from the system board and remove the battery.

17. As you can see the modem and the wireless module are connected to an extension board consisting of a small plastic connector and a mini-PCI slot mounted on a ribbon cable. To disassemble the entire unit you should first remove the two screws securing the modem, then gently lift up the modem board in order to disconnect it from the extension board. Finally disconnect the modem cable and remove the modem.

18. Removing  wireless module is not really necessary (unless you want to replace it with a new one) so you can simply disconnect the two antenna cables and leave it as it is. Then carefully lift up the interface board that connects the entire module to the system board (you can see the large white connector underneath).

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