Today we are going to disassemble another laptop made by Acer – Aspire One D250. Actually it’s an Intel Atom N270 based netbook equipped 10″ display, 1GB of ram and 160Gb hard drive. As usual, the main reason to take this laptop apart is overheating, caused by insufficient cooling and therefore later we will try to improve the cooling process by making a slight modification of the base enclosure. However, before you start you will need to obtain some tools such as Phillips screwdriver, tweezers and a flat-bladed screwdriver. You may also need a tube of thermal paste in case you decide to replace the one that is currently in use.

CAUTION: Before you begin any of the following procedures, turn off the laptop , unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. Note that computer parts are very sensitive to static electricity so ground yourself before touching anything inside you computer by using grounding strap or touch a metal faucet  pipe.

1. Turn the computer upside down and remove the four screws that secure the hard drive, RAM memory and WWAN plastic covers.

One d250 underside

2. Remove the screw that secure the hard drive and slide the drive in a direction opposite to the SATA connector in order to disconnect it from the system board.

One d250 hard drive

3. Carefully lift the hard drive up and remove it.

One d250 hard drive 2

4. Spread the retaining tabs on both sides of memory module until the edge of the module rise up at about 30 degree angle from the slot.

5. Remove the memory module.

One d250 ram memory 2

6. If you have a 3G (WWAN) module installed on your computer, remove the screw that secure the module to the system board, disconnect the antenna cables and remove the module from the mini PCI-e slot.

7. Release the latch (near to the F8 key) securing the keyboard to the top cover of the computer.

One d250 keyboard latch

8. Holding in the middle gently lift the rear edge of the keyboard until it is released from the side tabs. You may need to use a thin flat-blade screwdriver inserted in the gap between the top cover and the keyboard.

One d250 keyboard latch 2

9. When the keyboard is released carefully rotate it counterclockwise (as illustrated in picture below) in order to access the keyboard cable connector underneath.

One d250 keyboard 2

10. Unlock the ZIF connector, disconnect the cable from the system board and remove the keyboard.

One d250 keyboard cable

11. Remove all five screws (located under the keyboard) securing the top cover to the base enclosure.

One d250 top cover

12. Turn the computer upside-down and remove all screws marked in the picture below.

One d250 base enclosure

13. Unlock the two ZIF connectors and disconnect both the touch pad and the power switch cables from the system board.

One d250 touch pad cable

One d250 touch pad cable 2

14. Remove both the left and the right hinge covers.

One d250 hinge cover

15. Using a plastic pry tool carefully release the internal latches and separate the top cover from the base enclosure.

One d250 top cover 2

16. Carefully lift up the top cover and remove it.

One d250 top cover 3

Important: you may need to cut all antivibration adhesive tapes (located in the hard drive bay) securing  top cover to  the base enclosure, otherwise you will not be able to separate both parts from each other.

One d250 drive bay plastic tape

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